What is Chameleon.tools?

Chameleon was created as a response to slow workflow in the conceptual phase of architectural and urban development. A great deal of urban planning offices, architecture practises, municipalities and developers could automate spatial calculations to make better informed decisions in a shorter period of time.

Chameleon.tools is our response to this problem.

It is a Rhino plug-in that process geometry in real-time, calculates tens of key urban design parameters and makes the need to do this manual, tedious and boring work needless.

Take a look at how it works

Main features

Real-time calculations

Time efficiency in design is one of our main targets. Chameleon calculates dozens of key urban design parameters for buildings and surroundings within milliseconds - after every change you make. Thanks to our plug-in, you can boost productivity of your team, shorten iterations and save up to 80% of time.

With Chameleon.tools, you can process all kind of geometry, evaluate buildings and surroundings, assess the value of a design and clarify assets.

Smart Project Analysis

Chameleon uses calculated data to provide users with a smart analysis of the project and goals they have set. Having control over parking space demand and other metrics, like floor space index, density and others, can help you satisfy any regulatory needs without effort. Not only can users have an oversight on level of the whole project, it is also possible to divide the design into smaller sectors and see the performance of such areas separately.

Excel® Live Synchronisation

Excel® is the most recognizable and used software for calculations. Our plug-in not only presents calculated data directly in Rhino - it also streams all results directly to an Excel® spreadsheet. This way, we make sure to give our users a chance to further process our calculations. It can also work as a handy overall preview that would be hard to achieve within Rhino user interface.

Simple Geographic Information System (GIS) import

Chameleon supports analysis for Mesh and NURBs geometry and does not limit your design techniques.
Our GIS importer opens access to spatial data on a large scale from from wide range of sources. With Chameleon.tools, you can import GIS models as well as models from other modelling softwares - namely SketchUp®, Revit®, SolidWorks®, AutoCad® and many more.

Intuitive and easy to use workflow

We pay attention to modern design principles and we do our best to deliver intuitive, usable and easy-to-learn user interfaces. Most of our testers familiar with Rhino environment were able to start using the plug-in without any explanation from our side.


Plug-in was designed to achieve high performance on various design scales. In order to make sure that software can keep up with as many teams across the field as possible, we tested it with proffesionals across Germany, Poland, Spain, Netherlands and Italy working working on diverse projects of different sizes.
Specifically, we focused on:

  • small scale model (1-10 buildings)
  • large scale model (11-100 buildings)
  • city-scale model (101 - 3000+ buildings)

All listed usecases were perfectly usable on avarage office PC.

Lastly, we would like to express our thanks to an amazing team of professionals for providing us with valuable feedback and helping us achive a powerful, stable and easy to use tool.
  • Max Macur, MSc. Arch. Eng., Germany
  • Dawid Pesta, MSc. Arch. Eng., Poland
  • Gaetano Pignatello, MSc. Arch. Eng., Italy
  • Piotr Żelaznowski, MSc. Arch. Eng., Nederlands