LAN Zoo is a floating license manager allowing users to easily manage licenses within their private networks.

In order to use the manager for Rhino third-party plug-ins (like, license administrators have to install a special plugin to the LAN Zoo itself.

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In order to successfully set up plugin, you will need:

  • Rhino® LAN Zoo installed
  • Internet connection

1) Download LAN Zoo plug-in

Plug-in is possible to download at Food4Rhino website.
Search for "LAN Zoo plug-in" item in the Downloads section.

2) Make sure the LAN Zoo licensing service has stopped.
3) Unzip the downloaded file and copy its content (ChameleonLanZoo.dll) to LAN Zoo’s plugin folder.

(i.e. C:\Program Files\Zoo 7\Plugins).

4) Start the Zoo license service again.
5) When the service has restarted, click the Add License button. should be one of the available products for which to add a license.