Pricing plans

To gain access to all the features our plug-in has to offer, you can select from three different pricing plans.

Office plan

Office plan is suited for most of the companies or institutions willing to use the plug-in commercially. It offers all the features, future updates and possibility to share floating licenses within your team. You can also make a choice regarding the billing interval that affects the final price.

  • Annual billing - 89 € / month (+VAT, billed annually)
  • Monthly billing - 119 € / month (+VAT)

Enterprise plan

Enterprise plan is a good choice for companies that have special demands and want to get the most out of their tools. Besides all features mentioned in the Office plan, you get priority support and the option to request custom enhancements.
Contact us to get a price estimation.

Student plan

For students, tutors and other people in the academic sphere, there is an option to obtain a license for a special price. With this license, you have access to all the features and feature updates. In contrast to the Office plan, this license is not floating and can be used only by one personal account.

  • First year - Free
  • After first year - 9 € / month (+VAT, billed annually)
In order to get this type of license, users have to use an email address issued by their university. We also reserve the right to ask for a proof of enrollment at any point.

Trial version

For evaluation purposes, we offer a trial license. These licenses are valid for 30 days and offer the same features as the Office plan with one exception - trial license is for non-commercial purpose only.
Every user is eligible to get only one such license.

Discounted bundles with Rhino® 7

If you have old version of a Rhino® or don't have any, you can make the purchase with us and get the bundle with 10% discount.

New license

License upgrade