Getting started


In order to successfully set up plugin, you will need:

  • Rhino┬« 7 installed
  • Internet connection

1) Obtain a license key

After requesting a trial license or subscribing to any of the paid plans, you will receive an email with license a key consisting of 16 alpha-numerics. Keep the key close - you will need it in a later step.

Proceed to Pricing to learn more about the plans we offer.

2) Add the license to your Rhino account

a) Navigate to Rhino Licenses page

b) Select a Rhino entity the license should belong to.
The license can either be assigned to a team or to your personal account.

c) Click on "Add license" button and enter the license key from the first step.

3) Install on your computer

Installation of the plug-in can be easily done in Package manager, which is a standard part of Rhino.

a) In Rhino, open Package manager and search for "chameleon".

b) Click on the Chameleon_tools item and click the "install" button.

c) After successful installation, restart Rhino.

4) Give it a spin!

Done! Enjoy real-time analysis for your design! Have a try with our testing model.

You should now have the plug-in ready to be used. Proceed to How it works to get to know how manages all the calculations